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Lorraine Sencicle has lived in Dover for most of her life. Now a grandmother, she is married to Alan and has two grown-up daughters, Lynn Candace and Annelies, both of whom, like their father, attended Dover schools.

Lorraine is a trained nurse and a graduate from the University of Kent where she taught her degree subject, Economics. She became interested in local history in the 1980s, when fighting Dover District Council over the development of local open spaces and historical sites.

Since that time, Lorraine has continued opposing developments she sees as inappropriate at the same time as promoting Dover’s valuable local asset, its history. Besides an academically acclaimed book,Banking on Dover and the commercially successful book, Haunted Dover. Since 2004 Lorraine has been the regular contributor of the All Our Yesterdays page in the Dover Mercury and is now a regular contributor to The Way We Were Pages in the Dover Express.

Doverhistorian.com team: Candy  - technical assistant, Lorraine - editor, Alan - assistant editor

Doverhistorian.com team: Candy – technical assistant, Lorraine – editor, Alan – assistant editor


2 Responses to About Lorraine

  1. Michael Apgar says:


    I have recently acquired a Carte De Visite from the Studio of William Richard Waters. I was hoping to connect in regards to it. I have some questions. I found your website most useful in dating the photograph and learning about the late artist. Thank you.

  2. Aidan McHale says:

    Hi Lorraine, I discovered a gold momento mori ring,inscribed inside,it has been identified as being made by Mary matson upon her death,in 1712,I’m donating it to the dover museum for display on 9th February.
    Regards Aidan

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