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Camden Crescent and Granville Gardens

For centuries, the area where Camden Crescent now stands was part of the foreshore. Here herrings were hung to dry and there was a ropewalk nearby. To make rope, locals used hemp and sometimes other materials including nettles. These were … Continue reading

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Castle Street and Russell Street

In pre-historic times a deep cleft in the chalky cliffs on the south eastern tip of England, was made by the River Dour around which the town of Dover developed. As the nearest crossing point to the European Continent, Dover became of … Continue reading

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East Cliff and Athol Terrace

Dover’s harbour, up until the late medieval period, was at the east end of the harbour under Castle cliff, approximately where the Swimming pool and Sports centre are today. Due to a series of natural catastrophes, this harbour became useless and … Continue reading

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Dover’s Prison

For over a thousand years Dover does not have a gaol, jail or prison. The spellings gaol and jail are both in general use, but gaol has historically been in England while jail is used in the USA. The word prison … Continue reading

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Ramsay MacDonald – Dover’s MP that never was

Following the Re-Distribution Act of 1885, Dover, then a Borough, the representation in Parliament was reduced from two to one MPs and the National Exchequer – now the Treasury – paid the elected representative a wage. In July 1889 Conservative, … Continue reading

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